Excerpts from the Conclusion of LIVING PEACE:

The life of peace is both an inner journey toward a disarmed heart and a public journey toward a disarmed world. This difficult but beautiful journey gives infinite meaning and fulfillment to life itself because our lives become a gift for the whole human race. With peace as the beginning, middle and end of life, life makes sense.

Once we realize that our God is a God of peace, that we are created to dwell in God's own peace here and now, that we can know deep peace within our own hearts, and that we can contribute to the peace of the world, then we will turn around and start that journey of peace and stay with it for the rest of our lives.

From now on, we will be filled with peace, hope, and love.

We will struggle with our inner violence and seek inner serenity through prayer and meditation, and at the same time, we will struggle with the world's violence and act publicly for a world of peace and justice. We will pursue nonviolence in every facet of our lives--in our hearts, among our friends and families, in our workplace and communities, in our nation and internationally.

We will strive to end the wars in our own hearts and in the world itself through persistent reconciliation, healing love, and steadfast nonviolence.

The life of peace is a difficult balancing act between the inner work and the public work, a high wire trapeze walk that requires calm, patient, step by step mindfulness toward our goal. But the journey is thrilling and the arrival at the end of the line brings joy and good cheer to everyone, on earth and in heaven.

Whether we serve the poor in a spirit of peace like Dorothy Day and Mother Teresa, or resist systemic injustice like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr., or teach the wisdom of nonviolence like Mohandas Gandhi and Thomas Merton, we too can undertake this beautiful life of peace. We need not change the whole world like these great heroes, only join the journey. That is all that the God of peace asks.

If we try, and keep trying, and stay faithful to the journey unto our last breath, we will find great joy and a peace not of this world, knowing that we serve not only the human family, but the God of peace. Nothing could be more beautiful than living peace.

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