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The Road to Peace

The Road to Peace: Writings on Peace and Justice by Henri Nouwen, edited by John Dear

In The Road to Peace, John Dear gathers together for the first time the reflections of the spiritual writer Henri Nouwen on urgent peace and justice topics, including nuclear disarmament, racism, AIDS, solidarity with the poor and life among the disabled. One of the highlights is Henri Nouwen's 1965 journal account of his participation in the Selma civil rights march and his 1968 pilgrimage to attend Dr. King's funeral in Atlanta. This collection features a lengthy introduction by John Dear on the life of Henri Nouwen as a peacemaker. It was written shortly after Nouwen's sudden death in 1996. "Only those who deeply know that they are loved and rejoice in that love can be true peacemakers," Nouwen writes. The Road to Peace summons us to the life of love, prayer, and public advocacy for disarmament. (Winner of the 1998 Pax Christi USA Book Award)

"The world knew Henri as a contemplative writer but it was his passion for peace and justice that gave his spiritual search such authenticity...Extraordinary."

--Jim Wallis

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(February, 2002)