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Disarming the Heart: Toward a Vow of Nonviolence

Disarming the Heart: Toward a Vow of Nonviolence

"John Dear's first book proposes the profession of a vow of nonviolence, in the tradition of Gandhi, as a way to commit oneself for life to the soul work of peace and justice. It reflects on the meaning of violence, nonviolence and vows in general, as well as the characteristics of a life vowed to nonviolence, and what such a vow meant for Gandhi. It includes suggestions from prayer and meditation, questions for reflection, and a reading list. The foreword is by longtime Mennonite peace leader John Stoner.

John Dear's blessedly 'subversive' campaign to inspire others to join in the vow of nonviolence, and by living it, to spread its influence, deserves the support of everyone committed to peace."

--Gordon Zahn,
    Cofounder, Pax Christi USA

"Nonviolence, once a transcendent value, is now a pragmatic necessity. John Dear's fervent and luminous book shows Christians a way to be faithful in the nuclear age."

--Eileen Egan

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Vow of Nonviolence

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